Supply chain and Logistics

We have global reach provided by a well-integrated network and infrastructure of subsidiaries.
Buiz Tech (BT) group of companies first established in 2003. BT group has emerged as intuitive, professional and dynamic business firm that has grown substantially with customer driven approach.

At the core of this success has been our belief in developing strong customer relationships through a partnership approach. We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, brand management, consumer focus and an unwavering commitment to all our product services. Acutely aware of changing market requirements, we continue to supply consumers with premium quality products

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Matching inventories to consumer demand

With our unique approach to inventory planning and demand forecasting,  we enable our customers to forecast and position their inventories to match consumer demand. With this approach, our customers can maximize their sales at the best possible cost and with the least amount of capital tied up in inventory.


Advanced Analytics

Having many touch points with our customers’ products over long periods of time has provided us with a wealth of data that we systematically mine and put to use. We work with a number of integrated leading-edge applications to analyze, design, implement and transform logistics setups faster and to manage assets more efficiently.


Managing the product life cycle

At Buiz Tech, we believe the real meaning behind a supply chain is a product’s life cycle – from sourcing to disposal. In the increasingly complex world of circular economies, we are convinced that the future lies in managing and extending product life cycles.


Supply Chain and Logistics Partners:

Clarion Logistics (Singapore)
Transworld Logistics (UAE)

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Risk Management

BuizTech Pte Ltd and its associated companies tailor products to help counter-parties manage price and cost volatility, creating a more fungible base commodity product and financial liquidity in pricing indices. This is accomplished through swaps, used for locking in purchase or sale prices, and other customized derivatives designed to manage exposure to price risk.

Logistics and Operations

Buiz Tech Pte Ltd.’s associated marine logistics company seeks to ensure that commodities bought and sold by its companies arrive safely and on time. BTPL Shipping manages crude and product flow and captures economies of scale by selling parts of cargo space to others through its transshipment and break-bulk operations.

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