During treatment for disease or injury, gauze and catheters are often affixed to the body with surgical tape. Our surgical tapes utilize the pain and skin irritation reducing YU-KI®/STRATAGEL® and are available with a variety of backing materials, including soft paper, non-woven cloth and plastic film. YU-KI BANTM/XTRATA®, a product made with YU-KI®/ STRATAGEL®, is ideal for patients with sensitive skin, or for whom tapes are applied repeatedly on the same area. Examples include the elderly, babies and small children, dialysis patients, or patients who are experiencing difficulties with existing tapes.

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Model No.
3281 - 12mm x 9 mm
3282 - 25mm x 9 mm
3285 - 50mm x 9 mm

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Model No.

3281 – 12mm x 9 mm, 3282 – 25mm x 9 mm, 3285 – 50mm x 9 mm

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