Nitohullmac XG series

  • With its excellent elasticity, it tightly fits into any complicated shapes.
  • You only need to smoothing it after application or winding. You don’t need any special skill.
  • Compound hardly changes its viscosity both in low and high temperature, so the workability does not change both in summer and winter. However, you need a temperature of over 5℃ to apply topcoat. (Sometimes, crazing occurs when wind blows in to a place where the temperature is low).
  • Compound with high adhesiveness shuts out water and air from metal surface and brings out good anticorrosion effect. After work, it loses surface tackiness by oxidative polymerization, and forms a flexible tape layer.
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Outdoor steel structures are continually washed with driving rains and bathed in direct sunlight. To assure their safety and conserve resources, rust countermeasures are indispensable. Industrial complexes and power plants situated along the waterfront, in particular, are also subjected to particularly harsh conditions from tidal winds, which makes anti-corrosion of pipes and supports a major problem. The Nitto Outdoor Anti-corrosion Tape NITOHULLMAC XG Series was designed to solve these problems. This anti-corrosion tape is made of a plastic base nonwoven fabric impregnated with a compound which has a specially compounded drying oil as its main ingredient. Through oxidation polymerization, this compound forms a surface film which delivers outstanding corrosion and weather resistance. In addition, since this material is extremely pliable, it only needs to be applied and smoothed down, and it adheres tightly to any location, regardless of its shape. It can quite accurately be called a “Stick-on Heavy Anti-corrosion Paint.”
At Nitto, we have developed a large number of anti-corrosion materials through our own independent polymer synthesis technologies and their application technologies, and we are ready to respond to any and every anti-corrosion requirement.


Property Unit NITOHULLMAC XG Test method
Thickness mm 1.1 JIS Z 1902
Weight kg/m 2 1.7
Tensile strength N/25mm 85 JIS Z 1902
Elongation % 14 JIS Z 1901
Water absorption ratio % 0.3 24h water immersion
Insulation resistance Ω·m2 3.0×106 JIS Z 1902
Volume resistivity Ω·cm 1.0×1011 JIS K 6911
Adhesive strength N/25mm 18 JIS Z 1902
Heat resistance 90 Continuous use 5 years
Salt water spray 2000h No rust development JIS Z 1902
Weather Ability 2000h No rust development Sunshine Weatherometer


  • Anticorrosion tape for steel structure in outdoor.

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