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Nitto Masking Tapes




1.Masking Tape for Heat-resistant Painting No.7290



  • Minimal curling and snaking; a completely straight line possible.
  • Stretches well and is easy to curve.
  • Reverse side of the tape does not repel paint.
  • Light unwinding force for excellent handling.



  • Masking for painting and sealing.






2. Masking Tape for Vehicle Painting No.7239/No.7235




  • Can be used reliably on rubbers and plastics and can be applied in layers.
  • Firmly attaches to break lines of linear portions as well as to curved areas.
  • Almost no lifting, peeling, or adhesive residue.


  • Excellent linearity and light unwinding force.
  • Excellent workability because No.7235 can be easily hand cutting.



  • Masking of automobile paintings and other vehicles.
  • Masking of baking-finish of automobiles and other vehicles.